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I had the pleasure of meeting Akech at my very first fashion show in November 2018. Fate brought us together when I was looking for one more model to walk the runway and the organizers introduced me to
Akech - a beautiful, bubbly soul with an infectious smile and warm personality.
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Why We Love Linen Blog


As linen lovers here at Slate, we wanted to share a few key points as to what makes us so obsessed with this fabric and why you too should hop on the linen bandwagon.
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Get to know Hannah Blog


Hannah quite literally brought the sunshine to our shoot. We instantly were in awe of her adorable banter, warm personality and capability to be unapologetically herself. Her big, natural curls bounced around the studio as she effortlessly jumped pose to pose in our linen sets & separates.

The story of slate

Slate has been years in the making. The brand was born during my final year of fashion school in my little apartment above Kensington Market in Toronto. I wandered into the idea of creating a sustainable clothing company for my capstone project at Ryerson University, which stretched over the entire year and acted as my creative thesis.

get to know aly blog

We met Aly on a summer day in Kelowna, BC and immediately fell in love with her bubbly, care-free personality, her ability to light up a room, and of course, her signature freckles.