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Brand Ethos

The Mosman Maxi in Ginger
. Timeless, neutral pieces constructed from 100% linen in Vancouver, Canada. 
.We choose to be conscious of who we work with, the materials we are purchasing and our impact on the environment. We are very aware of the negative impacts the fashion industry has on the planet and global community, and we want to change the way people purchase.  

Our garments are made at a factory here in Vancouver, Canada.

Slate chooses natural fabrics - not only because we love the beautiful textures and properties of the fabrics, but also to be conscious of our impact on the planet. 

We love working with linen as its nature is breathable and durable, and will become softer and more pliable as you wear and wash it. Linen is a cellulose fibre, made from Flax plants, which require little water and pesticides to grow, making it a desirable and conscious fabric in fashion. 

We want to ensure that not only are your clothes responsibly made, but that we are also reducing waste upon delivery. At Slate, we are proud to use low emission shipping methods and package your orders in biodegradable and/or recycled paper packaging! Throw the biodegradable bag in your compost for it to biodegrade in 3-6 months and recycle the paper mailer.