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On The Blog: Get To Know Emma

On The Blog: Get To Know Emma

I met Emma during my first week of university and we quickly became attached at the hip. Emma is one of the kindest, most selfless people I know and I’m so lucky to call her one of my best friends. On a sunny Monday in Brooklyn, we styled some looks in Emma’s Williamsburg apartment, made a quick pit stop for lox bagels, and headed to DUMBO to shoot our new pieces. Emma (as always) was effortless and a true pro. We’ve been talking about shooting for years and we’re so grateful to have finally worked with her!

What do your friends call you? 

Em, Emmy, Emmer 

Emma in the Sorrento Set in Black

Tell us about where you grew up and about moving to NYC. 

I grew up about 30 mins outside Calgary, Canada. It was very rural and very wholesome - think prairie, farms and horses 🌾🐄🐴. I got scouted at the mall when I was around 13 years old, and even though I wanted to jump into the industry ASAP, my parents wanted me to finish my education before modelling. After moving to Toronto and attending college for a year, I was offered a contract with Elite NYC, packed my bags and moved to New York!

Emma in the Augusta Top and Sorrento Button-Up

You’ve been modelling since you were *young*, how has the industry changed, and would you say it’s improving for the best?

The industry has changed a lot since I started, and almost all for the better. Even in my past 10 years of modelling, I’ve seen the industry start to embrace people of all backgrounds, ages and sizes. Social media has been a huge agent for change in this; giving models, consumers, and underrepresented people a voice they never had before. That being said - I think the industry still has a long way to go. I think incorporating a more sustainable way of consumption is going to be the biggest challenge in the industry over the next few years. 

 Emma in the Marlo Jumpsuit

If you could move anywhere on the planet, where would it be?

If I could move anywhere, it would have to be to a beach. I spent 6 years of my childhood living by the beach on the island of Bermuda, and I would love to one day have that lifestyle again. Which beach— I’m not sure yet. 

Emma in the Black Sorrento Set

You and your new hubby have a place in the Hudson Valley of NY. How have you welcomed this change in your life and can you see yourself permanently relocating there? 

After living in NYC for the past 7 years, it has been a welcome change to be able to embrace nature every day. One of the of the biggest changes I notice is how quiet it is in the country. I didn’t even realize how loud New York was until I got out! Upstate New York is such a special place, it has all the amazing creativity, food, and energy of NYC, while also feeling worlds away from the city. I’m not sure exactly what the future holds (there are no beaches upstate!) but for now I feel so lucky to call the beautiful Hudson Valley home. 

For those who don’t know, can you briefly describe the vibe Upstate?

Based on my experience living in the Hudson Valley, I would say the vibe is unmatched. The area we live is quite rural with farms, forests, and rolling hills. There are a ton of small farms and businesses around and there is a huge focus on organic produce, sustainable living and shopping local, which I love. The pace of living is a lot slower Upstate, which constantly reminds me to take a breath and just embrace the moment. 

Emma in the Sorrento Button-Up and Augusta Short

You have two very special men in your life, one being your rescue dog, Lil Red. What's Reds fav accessory and how did your life change when you adopted him? 

Lil Reds #1 favorite accessory is hats. (Well our favorite for him). He is the most chill dog ever, and we are so lucky he lets us dress him up like a doll. As long as he gets a treat he's happy. Adopting Lil Red was life changing for me in the sense that I now had to now be responsible for his well-being. He helps me to bring me outside of myself, and remind me of what’s important. Daily walks are a game changer. 

Song you’ll always play when it's your turn to DJ.

Currently, anything by LCD or the Talking Heads.  

Emma in the Almond Sorrento Set

We met during our first year of fashion school in Toronto and have been besties ever since. What made you decide to leave Ryerson and move to New York after the first year?

After our first year of college I was given the opportunity to start modelling full time in New York City, and it was an opportunity I quickly jumped at. Moving to NYC and signing with a major agency was a huge goal of mine. It was such a dream come true when it happened. Moving by myself from rural Canada, to Toronto, and then NYC was a big shock to the system, but as soon and I got here, I could tell it was the place I was meant to be. New York City has a special energy, and although it can be exhausting at times, there’s nothing like it. 

Emma in the Elwood Maxi

What’s your favourite Slate piece?

My favorite Slate piece is my Elwood Maxi! I swear I wore it almost every day this whole summer. It is just so easy to throw on and immediately look and feel cute and put together. I can’t wait to try more pieces! 


You can follow along Emma's journey: @emmasurmon. All images are taken by @bronsonwhytcross in Brooklyn, New York.

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