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On The Blog: Get To Know Erin

On The Blog: Get To Know Erin

@edina.taylor, also known as Erin Taylor Guerrero, is a lifestyle content creator based out of Orange, CA. With a focus on fashion and slow living, Erin's carefully curated feed shares a daily dose of Californian sunshine and cool girl outfit inspo. Erin sat down to chat about her upbringing, her shift to slow fashion, and fill us in about life as a content creator. We've adored working with Erin and are so excited to continue watching her flourish.

Any nicknames we should call you?

My mother always calls me Edina so I love to go by that as a nickname 💘 

Tell us about yourself.

I’m originally from Arizona, born in the deserts of Tucson, but I grew up in the mountains in a smaller area called Prescott. I spent my childhood barefoot outside like a wild weirdo and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I started traveling as soon as I graduated high school but I eventually found myself in California and ended up staying out here. I’ve lived all over this state but I’m currently living in Orange. I got into content creation around 2018 but started to take it more seriously these last couple of years. I’ve always been more on the creative side so content creation and digital marketing was a perfect outlet for me to express myself while also being able to support myself!

Erin Taylor Guerro Instagram Images

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

On the weekdays working out usually gets me out of bed because I want to get moving and start my day off right. However, on the weekends it would definitely be a cup of coffee or matcha that gets me moving. I really love to walk to little local coffee shops in my neighborhood to start my weekend mornings 🌞 ☕️

Take us through a typical day in your life when you’re creating content.

When it’s a content day I normally wake up a little earlier, get ready then get my caffeine fix before I shoot! If it’s for a clothing brand, I’ll get all ready (hair, makeup, etc..) and drive around to scout good locations to shoot outside. If it’s a beauty or home good product I’ll stay home and use the good lighting spots in my house to shoot and bump some good music to get that creativity going. Then of course, ending the day with tons of lovely editing. 

Erin Taylor Guerro IG Photos

We discussed how you are shifting to working with brands who ethically align with you. Slow brands with good values. Why is this shift important to you?

Like I said I grew up in the mountains surrounded by nature, so I believe this helped ground me and feel that connection to our earth and species on it. This made me more aware of the damage and effect we have on our planet. My mother also helped teach us not to waste and how to live more sustainable. For example we grew up going to thrift stores for mostly everything we needed, she also had a green house and outdoor garden that I loved helping her with. I carried all this passion for living more sustainably throughout my life. However, when I started taking content creation seriously I had trouble finding sustainable brands with a budget. Unfortunately it’s usually the bigger companies with mass produced products that are able to pay. Sadly, I had to make money and so I worked for brands I wasn’t really ethically aligned with. Now I’m really trying to only work with brands I can get behind and fully support! Sustainable, slow fashion brands like Slate Wearables! Moving forward, I want to feel good about the brands I promote and work with. 

What content creators do you look up to and why?

@olivecooke because she’s one of the first influencers/content creators I really looked up to. Her content was always so effortlessly stunning yet simple and not forced. Very organic and natural. 

@kochaorah because not only is she an amazing content creator she’s so kind and lives that slow kinda lifestyle I’d love to live one day. I also love how many sustainable brands she’s always working with!

@brookeashleywalker because she has such a chic and clean girl vibe to her while also being relatable. I absolutely love her travel posts and cannot get enough of her style 🤌

Erin Guerro In The Sorrento Set

Any advice you have for someone trying to grow their following?

Oh gosh I could go on for a while about this because I started my Instagram right around when the whole influencer era just started and I remember feeling so pressured to get a huge following to keep up with everyone else growing on IG so quickly. Which honestly was not what I should have been focused on. So I’d say don’t hyper focus on the amount of followers you have but more so the connection you have with the people already following you. It can be a really fun and neat community that you have, big or small - doesn’t matter! Also, when posting just post what you want. Don’t try to follow all the trends to try and keep up. Just stay true to what you like and what you want to put out there.

Top 5 songs currently on repeat.

These would have to be my top 5 songs at the moment in no particular order.

Last Words - Kenny Beats 

Brother Rabbit - Jacky Bonnet Group 

Averío De Ti - Carolina Sarta 

Alone - Petit Biscuit 

Ten Long Years - BB King, Eric Clapton

Erin Guerro in The Sorrento Set

Recipe you can’t live without.

I feel like this changes every week but currently a recipe I can’t live without is my sourdough recipe! I make sourdough at least once a month and I’ve finally perfected my recipe for it. Let's be real - I couldn’t live without bread.

Top 3 destinations on your bucket list. 

I want to travel literally everywhere but my top 3 would have to be:
Sicily, Italy
Far North Queensland, Australia 

Erin Taylor Guerro IG Images

Skincare must-haves.

My skincare must haves would have to start with celery juice.. I swear it helps my skin so much from the inside out! Secondly, the Vitamin C Serum from Mad Hippie and lastly, my new skincare must have is the Tanning Water from Salty Face.

3 wardrobe staples.

Oh dang. I love basic staple pieces so this will be tough. I’d have to say my denim jeans from Boyish to start. Next, my crew neck sweater from Less Is More and lastly, my work out set from Another Version.

Erin Guerro in The Sorrento Set

Favourite Slate piece?

My favorite Slate piece would have to be the Sorrento Trouser ♥️ They’re perfect in every way. The fit, the 100% linen material, the color. Too good! 

You can follow along Erin's journey toward slow living through her Instagram page @edina.taylor

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On The Blog: Get To Know Emma

On The Blog: Get To Know Emma

I met Emma during my first week of university and we quickly became attached at the hip. Emma is one of the kindest, most selfless people I know and I’m so lucky to call her one of my best friends. On a sunny Monday in Brooklyn, we styled some looks in Emma’s Williamsburg apartment, made a quick pit stop for lox bagels, and headed to DUMBO to shoot our new pieces. Emma (as always) was effortless and a true pro. We’ve been talking about shooting for years and we’re so grateful to have finally worked with her!

What do your friends call you? 

Em, Emmy, Emmer 

Emma in the Sorrento Set in Black

Tell us about where you grew up and about moving to NYC. 

I grew up about 30 mins outside Calgary, Canada. It was very rural and very wholesome - think prairie, farms and horses 🌾🐄🐴. I got scouted at the mall when I was around 13 years old, and even though I wanted to jump into the industry ASAP, my parents wanted me to finish my education before modelling. After moving to Toronto and attending college for a year, I was offered a contract with Elite NYC, packed my bags and moved to New York!

Emma in the Augusta Top and Sorrento Button-Up

You’ve been modelling since you were *young*, how has the industry changed, and would you say it’s improving for the best?

The industry has changed a lot since I started, and almost all for the better. Even in my past 10 years of modelling, I’ve seen the industry start to embrace people of all backgrounds, ages and sizes. Social media has been a huge agent for change in this; giving models, consumers, and underrepresented people a voice they never had before. That being said - I think the industry still has a long way to go. I think incorporating a more sustainable way of consumption is going to be the biggest challenge in the industry over the next few years. 

 Emma in the Marlo Jumpsuit

If you could move anywhere on the planet, where would it be?

If I could move anywhere, it would have to be to a beach. I spent 6 years of my childhood living by the beach on the island of Bermuda, and I would love to one day have that lifestyle again. Which beach— I’m not sure yet. 

Emma in the Black Sorrento Set

You and your new hubby have a place in the Hudson Valley of NY. How have you welcomed this change in your life and can you see yourself permanently relocating there? 

After living in NYC for the past 7 years, it has been a welcome change to be able to embrace nature every day. One of the of the biggest changes I notice is how quiet it is in the country. I didn’t even realize how loud New York was until I got out! Upstate New York is such a special place, it has all the amazing creativity, food, and energy of NYC, while also feeling worlds away from the city. I’m not sure exactly what the future holds (there are no beaches upstate!) but for now I feel so lucky to call the beautiful Hudson Valley home. 

For those who don’t know, can you briefly describe the vibe Upstate?

Based on my experience living in the Hudson Valley, I would say the vibe is unmatched. The area we live is quite rural with farms, forests, and rolling hills. There are a ton of small farms and businesses around and there is a huge focus on organic produce, sustainable living and shopping local, which I love. The pace of living is a lot slower Upstate, which constantly reminds me to take a breath and just embrace the moment. 

Emma in the Sorrento Button-Up and Augusta Short

You have two very special men in your life, one being your rescue dog, Lil Red. What's Reds fav accessory and how did your life change when you adopted him? 

Lil Reds #1 favorite accessory is hats. (Well our favorite for him). He is the most chill dog ever, and we are so lucky he lets us dress him up like a doll. As long as he gets a treat he's happy. Adopting Lil Red was life changing for me in the sense that I now had to now be responsible for his well-being. He helps me to bring me outside of myself, and remind me of what’s important. Daily walks are a game changer. 

Song you’ll always play when it's your turn to DJ.

Currently, anything by LCD or the Talking Heads.  

Emma in the Almond Sorrento Set

We met during our first year of fashion school in Toronto and have been besties ever since. What made you decide to leave Ryerson and move to New York after the first year?

After our first year of college I was given the opportunity to start modelling full time in New York City, and it was an opportunity I quickly jumped at. Moving to NYC and signing with a major agency was a huge goal of mine. It was such a dream come true when it happened. Moving by myself from rural Canada, to Toronto, and then NYC was a big shock to the system, but as soon and I got here, I could tell it was the place I was meant to be. New York City has a special energy, and although it can be exhausting at times, there’s nothing like it. 

Emma in the Elwood Maxi

What’s your favourite Slate piece?

My favorite Slate piece is my Elwood Maxi! I swear I wore it almost every day this whole summer. It is just so easy to throw on and immediately look and feel cute and put together. I can’t wait to try more pieces! 


You can follow along Emma's journey: @emmasurmon. All images are taken by @bronsonwhytcross in Brooklyn, New York.

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On The Blog: Get To Know Margo

On The Blog: Get To Know Margo

Margo's infectious giggles filled the room the first time we met. I instantly felt her warmth and felt very at ease and comfortable around her. We threw out the idea to shoot together and a year later in Malibu, she modelled for Slate! Her authentic and kind personality shines through in these images, taken by our photographer, Bronson. We would absolutely love to work with Margo again and look forward to watching her continue to grow!

Any fun nicknames?

Margs. Margita. Margolinho. 

Give us a brief introduction about yourself and what you do.

I work as a recruiter on the design and research team at Microsoft, and I am an artist, an empath, and an all around nerd :) 

Margo in the Elwood Mini in Coconut in the water at the beach in Malibu, California

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the Middle East - in Egypt and Jordan. My family is Canadian (I was born in Ontario), and we moved back to Canada when I was 10 to be closer to my grandparents as they were getting older. The culture shock of moving to Canada during my early adolescence was reeeeal. But I love that I grew up overseas as it's given me such a great perspective on other cultures. 

Margo in the Bown Scarf in toffee linen and Avalon Shorts in white linen

Who/what inspires you?

Honestly, I know it's a cliche answer, but my mom truly inspires me. She is the kindest, most affirming, and hardest working person that I know. She always told me that I could be anything I wanted to be, and I am so grateful that she instilled that positive mentality in me. I am also inspired by strong women in general - anyone who displays determination, drive, passion, and who has overcome challenges with grace and resilience, is inspiring to me. I'm basically surrounded by inspiring people :) 

If covid taught you anything, what was it?

That I really REALLY enjoy having personal space from strangers. Remember before covid when people would get too close in line-ups? Remember close-talkers? Yeah, I don't miss those things at all. I am very happy to be 2 meters away from strangers haha

Margo in the Talia Tank and Augusta Short

Bucket list travel destinations and why?

Wow this one is hard! Norway - because I'm part Norwegian and I want to explore fjords, see the northern lights, and go to a Viking Museum. Philippines - for all the jungles and islands and caves. And Mozambique - for the animals and the beaches, and because Africa will always have my heart.

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Creative, Adventurous, and Empathetic.

Margo in the Toffee Bowen Scarf and Augusta Short in Malibu, California

How did you get into modeling?

I got into modeling as an experiment in rebuilding my self-esteem after a bad relationship. I didn't really realize how much the abuse from the relationship had been affecting my core beliefs about myself until I was out of it, and I thought it would be a good idea to push myself in front of the camera to get to know myself again and to try to see the person that everyone else was seeing. It was an incredible experiment, and even though I was beyond nervous and unsure of myself, I am so glad that I pushed myself to do it. So glad that I got to know myself. To not only see the person that other people see, but to get to know myself as an adult. To embrace myself. To challenge myself. And to challenge the many perceptions and expectations that the world has on women. As an introvert it's not easy for me to model and to be on display, but I am a big fan of personal growth and of taking the opportunity to face my fears and insecurities and become a better human. This journey has been pivotal for me. And I am very grateful to all of the incredible people that saw something in me and gave me a chance. <3 

Margo in the Sand Augusta Set in Malibu

Dancing with a glass of wine or reading with a cup of tea?

Reading with a glass of wine ;) haha

Explain why local, sustainable brands are important to you.

The state of our planet is hugely important to me and I feel genuine pain when I think of the ways in which humans are harming the beautiful world that we live in. Local, sustainable brands are what gives me hope and renews my faith in humanity. Brands that are reusing and recycling materials. Brands that are choosing new materials that are less damaging to the environment. Brands that are employing locals and improving the local economy. Being a local and sustainable business owner cannot be easy, and I admire the strength and dedication that it takes to not only come up with ideas on how to improve the state of the earth, but to also follow through on those ideas and create beautiful pieces that make others feel good about what they are wearing. It's hella inspiring. And I feel proud every time I get to wear clothing pieces that have been crafted by such caring and thoughtful humans.

Margo in the Elwood Maxi in Mocha in Malibu

What’s your favourite Slate piece?

Gah this is so hard! I mean it is and it isn't haha. I basically live in my Elwood Maxi, so that's probably my favourite piece. But I honestly love all of the pieces! I love linen everything!

You can follow Margo on her IG page: @yoursmargo and her photography page @totallymargo. All images taken by @bronsonwhytcross.

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On The Blog: Get To Know Amber

On The Blog: Get To Know Amber

When we stumbled across Amber's Instagram page, her effortless coastal vibe exactly embodied our vision for our golden hour shoot. Our photographer, Bronson, and Amber met on a windy day on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia where they spent a few hours making magic in our linen essentials. We absolutely adore what they created and would love to work with Amber again soon!


What do your friends call you? 

My friends call me ambs, but my sister calls me bambi :) 

How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you?

I make a conscious effort to be healthy and live as sustainably as possible. I may seem like an extrovert, but I'm actually quite introverted and love quiet time. But, I also think its important to keep a balance, so I love an adventure and a party here and there, I make a delish vegan lasagne :) 

 Amber in our 100% linen clothing that is ethically made in Vancouver, BC.

Top 3 spots to hit on the surf coast?

Last One In - the perfect spot for a sunset cocktail overlooking the Anglesea river and they have live music every weekend! 

Grow is a slow food cafe that is also in Anglesea. They have heaaaaps of yummy vegan options (and its puppy friendly!) 

Ocean Grind has the best coffee on the Surf Coast! 

Fave shops in on the Surf Coast?

From Around Here is a space for local artists to share and sell their work. I think it's so important to be able to buy from locally made products and support the creative industry. It's really inspiring!  

 Australian model on the beach in Victoria in our linen clothes shooting our latest fashion campaign.

3 hobbies - go!

Surfing, reading, cooking.

Tell us about your style.

I love wearing bright colours at the moment, but i also love to wear clothes that are unbranded! A little city a little surf hehe.

 Shooting our fashion campaign on the beach in Australia. Amber wears our brown maxi dress and our tie-up top and white drawstring pants. All constructed from 100% linen in Vancouver, BC.

What are your favourite Aussie brands?

Mimi Holvest, Sister Studios, Permanent Vacation, Vege Threads.

 Songs on repeat?

Susanne - Leonard CohenUnholy Faces - FlorestIf You Call - Angie Mcmahon

 Australian model posing in our natural linen Mallee romper and brown Elwood Maxi dress on the beach in Torquay, Australia at golden hour.

Destination at the top of your travel list and why?

Mexico - for waves and good food. 

Tell us about a typical day off.

 If there’s no waves around I’ll go on a big walk and listen to a podcast. After my morning activity hit I need my daily caffeine hit, so I'll go and grab coffee with friends. Afterwards I'll go to my sisters place and cook a wholesome meal and hang out with her beautiful little family. I also love alone time, so I'll finish the day by reading a book or doing something creative. 

 Wearing our Talia Set which is a white tie-up top and drawstring pant on the beach in Australia. Shot by our photographer at golden hour for our 100% linen sets and separates small brand that is made in Vancouver, BC.

Favourite cocktail?

Oo this is a hard one! Lately I’ve been on the margi train, I tried a coconut margarita and honestly it has my heart! 

Favourite Slate piece?

The Talia Tank!


Thanks for letting us get to know you Amber! You can follow Amber on her Instagram page, @amberauffray.
All images shot by @bronsonwhytcross.

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On The Blog: Get To Know Akech

On The Blog: Get To Know Akech

I had the pleasure of meeting Akech at my very first fashion show in November 2018. Fate brought us together when I was looking for one more model to walk the runway and the organizers introduced me to Akech - a beautiful, bubbly soul with an infectious smile and warm personality (who by the way stole the show in the Eden Set). After Slate's launch in August 2020 I knew I had to work with her again and I'm so happy we were able to! Akech is one of the most down to earth, easy going, and lovely humans that I have had the pleasure of working with.

What do your friends call you?

My friends call me Akech, kechy! 

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I am a South Sudanese, East African! I was born in Sudan and when I was about five months old, my family moved to Kenya, where we lived for the majority of my childhood. At thirteen, my family immigrated to Canada. We first lived in Alberta, Red Deer and Edmonton for my Junior high years and then I finished high school in a small town called Brooks, south of Calgary! I moved to Vancouver in 2013 for college and a better life! 

Akech in Slate 

How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you?

This is a tough one. Well, I’m a people person. I genuinely enjoy people's company, meeting new people, and learning from different backgrounds and cultures! I’m very big on history, quite adventurous and a daredevil, I blame the Sagittarius in me!

Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day is waking up at 4 AM, going for a run, yoga, or playing tennis! Read, eat breakfast, walk the seawall to wherever I need to be. I love the ocean, so I never skip my seawall walks!

Akech in the Talia Set

When did you get into modelling and how did it happen?

Growing up, my family and friends would call me “Model” and because of my height, people always assumed I was a model. I was actually against it - I would correct them and say "no, I’m an actor," simply because that was something I was more passionate about. As time passed, I started getting hired for small jobs and got a consistent gig from the film school make up department. They hired me for their demos for the makeup students and I would get paid (fifty bucks)! That was my first payed gig! I started charging people so I could pay for my acting classes. I did that for about six years - fast forward to August 2020 when I shot with a local beauty photographer, Kate Whyte, and from there I signed with my first, current model agency.

Akech in Mocha Slate

You had such positive energy on our shoot, how do you stay happy, confident and comfortable when you're working with different brands and people?

When I go to shoots I’m just happy to socialize and create. It’s a learning opportunity for me and being around creatives makes me happy. It literally fuels me, the conversations, looking at things from a different perspective, the collaboration, and the magic that we all get the opportunity to create, which is something I look forward to! It's my drive and inspiration! It's what keeps me motivated in my day-to-day life! 

We worked together in both of our first fashion show! What was it like walking on the runway for the first time in Slate? 

I was so nervous, swinging my entire body, I didn’t know how many people were out there until I hit the stage! The cameras were flashing, the lights were on and too much attention was now on me. I literally sprinted through the runway just so I could go backstage! I was proud of myself for doing something out of my comfort zone. I felt confident and elevated. It was an honour to wear Slate and more so working with you (Shelby) for my first runway experience! You were very supportive!

Akech Little Black Dress Gala 2018

What’s one thing you wish you could change about the world and why?

There are many things I would love to change about the world. One thing for certain is to have a universal passport, where we can all freely move around living wherever we wish! Learn from one another! I believe this would be very beneficial as it would help us grow to our biggest potentials and be more connected as a human race. I also think this would put an end to the economic gap that a lot of people face in the world and as a society we would care more about the environment and be more considerate obtaining sustainability because we’re all benefiting!

Your dream job and why?

My dream jobs are running and acting. I love running, it has helped me centre myself. I've felt a lot of healing from it and the whole idea of moving forward is my motto. Acting is also pretty cool. I get to be a different character and the inner child in me likes to play - I have a big imagination and love storytelling!

Akech in the mocha talia set

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I’m still working on this, but anywhere oceanfront. Ideally I would like to live on a private island just me and horses - a farm island!

A piece of clothing you can’t live without?

Anything comfortable and easy on the skin. I love shorts and tights! Definitely linen is a top tier fabric!

Akech Slate Shoot

What’s your favourite Slate piece?

It’s so tough to choose just one piece from Slate because everything is so amazing, beautiful, comfortable, and reversible! I love the Ballina Set, the black is so classy and you can literally wear it just about anywhere and it would fit whatever event you’re attending! In my womanhood that is just the style I am looking for. 

You can follow along for all things Akech on her Instagram page, @akechyak.

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On the Blog: Get To Know Hannah

On the Blog: Get To Know Hannah
Hannah quite literally brought the sunshine to our shoot. We instantly were in awe of her adorable banter, warm personality and capability to be unapologetically herself. Her big, natural curls bounced around the studio as she effortlessly jumped pose to pose in our linen sets & separates. Continue reading

On the Blog: Get To Know Aly

On the Blog: Get To Know Aly
We met Aly on a summer day in Kelowna, BC and immediately fell in love with her bubbly, carefree personality, her ability to light up a room, and of course, her signature freckles. Get to know Aly as she tells us about her disability growing up, explains her itch to hop on a plane and inspires us to live every day to its fullest. Continue reading