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On the Blog: Get To Know Hannah

On the Blog: Get To Know Hannah
Hannah quite literally brought the sunshine to our shoot. We instantly were in awe of her adorable banter, warm personality and capability to be unapologetically herself. Her big, natural curls bounced around the studio as she effortlessly jumped pose to pose in our linen sets & separates. Our Spotify playlist was filled with an array of electronic beats mixed in with indie tunes, rap and pop. In between shots, laughs and dancing, we chatted about her passion for Hannah’s Healthies, her recent move to Vancouver, and her holistic approach to life.
Hannah is a sweet little gift to the world and we are so grateful to have met and worked with her.

Hannah in the Ballina Set

Any fun nicknames? 

Apart from the obvious hannah banana or hannah montana, hannia twain was one I quite enjoyed & actually used to be my Instagram handle hehe.

Your #1 song on Spotify in 2020? 

What’s poppin by jack harlow. lmao.

Hannah in the Eden Tank, Sienna Skirt, Ballina Tie-Up and Eden Skirt

You’re a certified nutritionist and run Hannah’s Healthies - Tell us about what you do and why you started. 

I am! This stemmed from my own personal health journey, as I find it has for most nutritionists. I grew up with clinically bad anxiety to the point where I had missed almost a year in total of school because I struggled to leave the house, 10+ years of medication, severe digestion upset, disordered eating & many, many more symptoms such as low energy, skin issues, brain fog, inability to focus etc etc etc. It was all completely consuming my potential in life. When I found out I had celiac disease & changed my diet for the better, I was able to get off my medication with the support of a nutritionist. My anxiety dissipated hugely, as did my other symptoms of disease & my transformation was marvellous. I went from that^ to buying a van, driving across Canada & down through to LA, to then living in Mexico. From then onwards I knew I wanted to help others fulfill their lives by enhancing their overall well-being.

I find myself flourishing in helping anyone that I can. I am fascinated about the role the gut has on the brain, and strive to inform others on the link between the two. My approach is genuine, kind, non-judgmental & supportive. I love to look at the magic of whole foods (which have sadly been buried under invented foods & marketing schemes), I love exploring ancestral ways as any positive routines we have developed are from an array of cultures & traditions, and I LOVE seeing people happy & finding success in their health journey through changes that are easily adaptable & sustainable for them. My experience combined with education allows me to be fortunate with navigating others into a happy & healthful lifestyle through Hannah’s Healthies. I am so grateful.

Hannah in the Sienna Blazer, Mallee Romper and Stella Jumpsuit

You seem to live a very earthy, natural lifestyle. Why is this important and what can we all learn from you? Any tips/tricks? 

Well firstly thank you, because that’s a massive compliment! I haven’t always lived in said ways. It’s definitely been a long time in the making, and is still in the making tbh.

Of course with studying holistic nutrition you sort of become bombarded with all the modern day things that drag you away from what is natural in this world. It’s actually quite sad & overwhelming haha. However, I am so appreciative of my education & only want to share. But, to keep it as basic as I can, I would suggest starting by replacing household, self-care, make up & of course food products that contain harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients with those that are ‘clean’ and ‘natural’. I use those terms loosely as there are many scams & ways to wiggle around in the world of label definitions, but that is a whollleeee other discussion, and I think you get the point (but if you don’t hit me up for more details and assistance!). Removing yourself from the exposure these toxic ingredients & replacing them with what our planet has always supplied us with is definitely a great starting way to obtain a more natural way of living. Eating local & seasonal is also a big one, it is hella satisfying & makes me feel better tied in with what’s provided around me.

 Hannah in the Sienna Blazer, Ballina Tie-Up and Eden Skirt

You really brought the ~vibes~ on set with us. How do you keep positive energy pumping throughout the day? 

MUSIC!!! I was almost euphoric when you guys asked to create a playlist together for the shoot. Music is a huge part of who I am. I love to dance, and I am quite particular about what I listen to as I know how much of an impact it can have on my ~vibe~. It was also so sunny outside that day which is a game changer for my mood & energy. AND I was working with a like-minded, high energy and absolutely LOVELY crew :):):)

 Hannah in the Sienna Blazer and Ballina Trouser

When did you get into modelling and how did it happen? 

I only just signed with Alaeria Agency last month, so my modelling prior to that was always just for fun. When I was in Mexico I met some incredible people & made quite a few friends who had their own brands. I loved the values behind all that they did & their production, so when they asked me to model I was all in. Thankfully from those creative shoots I was able to get photos & my big ol hair out there which led to others reaching out to collab & luckily the agency I’m with now! I love Alaeria as they really are trying to break through the stigma of the traditional model appearance and have a wonderful holistic outlook on everything.

 What does 2021 have in store for you? 

Hopefully travel at some point! But I truthfully just want to expand my network within my business and of course modelling as well. I moved to Vancouver right before covid hit, so it’s been more difficult than usual to meet people! So, like most, I’ve got big manifestations on this pandemic toning it RIGHT down.

 Hannah in the Elwood Maxi and Stella Jumpsuit

What’s your favourite Slate piece? 

Tough!! I adore the materials & ethical production behind all Slate pieces, so it’s easy to fall for them. I’d have to say it’s between the Stella Jumpsuit & that new flowy dress soon to come ;)

Thanks for letting us get to know you better.. one last question.. When can we shoot next?

Getting in uber now.

You can follow along on Hannah's modelling and health journey through her instagrams @hannah.charron and @hannahshealthies

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