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On The Blog: Get To Know Kelsey Schiavon

On The Blog: Get To Know Kelsey Schiavon
@kelseyschiavon is a Canadian digital marketer, SMM and content creator who shares the importance of slow, intentional living. Her effortless, minimal style and keen eye for capturing aesthetic moments has taken her around the world, working for brands that share her values and artistic vision.

What should we call you? 

Kelsey.... or Kelly after a couple glasses of wine ;)

Get To Know Kelsey Blog

Tell us about yourself and how you got into content creation and traveling the world to do so.

My partner and I had been passionate travellers for years, but when the pandemic hit we made the decision to leave Canada for 6 months. I was trying to figure out how to run my business abroad, and he has always had an interest in photography, so we started playing around a little bit with some content just for fun. The following year we had someone inquire about photography in one of the AirBnBs we were staying in and we realized it was something that clients might be interested in. Since then we've travelled to Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Italy and Spain for work and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities.

Where is your favourite place that you’ve been?

Truly an impossible question because every place I've visited has a little piece of my heart. Mexico seems like a second home at this point, Brazil was one of my most memorable trips... Guatemala is so lovely, Colombia and Argentina were amazing and Europe is always incredible. A solo week in Florence will always be one of my favourite experiences.

Get To Know Kelsey Blog

Where is your favourite location that you’ve created?

Casa Viento this past spring on the coast of Oaxaca. Minimal yet luxurious, the design details were so beautiful. It felt like a true escape and sanctuary. I also loved an AirBnB we visited in Puglia a few years ago... really rustic interior but the views of the sea were unbelievable.

Walk us through a typical day when you are creating for brands abroad.

I wake up early and have a cup of coffee and stretch or do an online pilates class, then I prep everything for the day (shot list, props, product and so much steaming). We usually work for about 3 hours, then have a late lunch, maybe go for a swim (essential when we create in +30 temperatures haha) work for another 3-4 hours and then cook or go out to dinner somewhere interesting to decompress. Creating is so fulfilling but it does take a lot of energy and focus so the end of the day is always an intentional process of winding down.

Get To Know Kelsey Blog

Any travel hacks you can share?

Carry local currency, learn some of the local language, be respectful and open to new connections and lean into spontaneous moments that will define your trip and memories for years to come.

Name a tune that you can’t get out of your head.

Lately it's Band on the run by Paul McCartney and Wings... what a song. I listen to all types of music... I love spanish guitar, jazz/lofi/bossa nova, I will always love the classics from the 60s-90s... and I'm a true sucker for a good rock ballad.

How would you describe your style?

Modern, minimal, timeless

Get To Know Kelsey Blog

Three wardrobe staples you can’t live without.

Linen (of course!), great footwear (find me in LoQ almost daily) and a unique handbag... (and sunglasses and great classic jewelry).

What does sustainability in fashion mean to you?

To me it means remembering that there are humans on the other end of the supply chain. Humans that can and should be paid and treated fairly to create garments that I wear on a daily basis.

Garment factories are often unethical, but are still essential contributors to economies and employ millions of people who depend on that income to feed their family... so they can't just be shut down. But brands can do better, and unfortunately won't until consumers require it of them.

When thinking about our planet, it's wild how much waste is then created by the fashion industry. We were in the Atacama desert earlier this year, which it turns out is one of the largest dumping grounds for fast fashion. The fact that enough waste is created that the excess needs to be shipped to Chile and burned off in the desert is troubling to say the least.

So I guess sustainable fashion feels complex to me... but what I know is that when we support and buy from brands that are committed to doing it better we are voting for a different standard of care for people + planet.

Certainly I'm not perfect, but I try to keep these thoughts front of mind when making consumer decisions.

Get To Know Kelsey Blog

What’s your favourite Slate piece?

My Ballina Trouser! I really love the straight leg on this pant - so versatile (and lined!). Easy to wear casually cuffed with a tank and flat sandals or dressed up with a minimal heel and oversized blazer. And the essential summer pairing includes the Ballina Vest :)

You can follow along Kelsey's slow fashion journey on her instagram page @kelseyschiavon

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