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On The Blog: Get To Know Amber

On The Blog: Get To Know Amber

When we stumbled across Amber's Instagram page, her effortless coastal vibe exactly embodied our vision for our golden hour shoot. Our photographer, Bronson, and Amber met on a windy day on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia where they spent a few hours making magic in our linen essentials. We absolutely adore what they created and would love to work with Amber again soon!


What do your friends call you? 

My friends call me ambs, but my sister calls me bambi :) 

How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you?

I make a conscious effort to be healthy and live as sustainably as possible. I may seem like an extrovert, but I'm actually quite introverted and love quiet time. But, I also think its important to keep a balance, so I love an adventure and a party here and there, I make a delish vegan lasagne :) 

 Amber in our 100% linen clothing that is ethically made in Vancouver, BC.

Top 3 spots to hit on the surf coast?

Last One In - the perfect spot for a sunset cocktail overlooking the Anglesea river and they have live music every weekend! 

Grow is a slow food cafe that is also in Anglesea. They have heaaaaps of yummy vegan options (and its puppy friendly!) 

Ocean Grind has the best coffee on the Surf Coast! 

Fave shops in on the Surf Coast?

From Around Here is a space for local artists to share and sell their work. I think it's so important to be able to buy from locally made products and support the creative industry. It's really inspiring!  

 Australian model on the beach in Victoria in our linen clothes shooting our latest fashion campaign.

3 hobbies - go!

Surfing, reading, cooking.

Tell us about your style.

I love wearing bright colours at the moment, but i also love to wear clothes that are unbranded! A little city a little surf hehe.

 Shooting our fashion campaign on the beach in Australia. Amber wears our brown maxi dress and our tie-up top and white drawstring pants. All constructed from 100% linen in Vancouver, BC.

What are your favourite Aussie brands?

Mimi Holvest, Sister Studios, Permanent Vacation, Vege Threads.

 Songs on repeat?

Susanne - Leonard CohenUnholy Faces - FlorestIf You Call - Angie Mcmahon

 Australian model posing in our natural linen Mallee romper and brown Elwood Maxi dress on the beach in Torquay, Australia at golden hour.

Destination at the top of your travel list and why?

Mexico - for waves and good food. 

Tell us about a typical day off.

 If there’s no waves around I’ll go on a big walk and listen to a podcast. After my morning activity hit I need my daily caffeine hit, so I'll go and grab coffee with friends. Afterwards I'll go to my sisters place and cook a wholesome meal and hang out with her beautiful little family. I also love alone time, so I'll finish the day by reading a book or doing something creative. 

 Wearing our Talia Set which is a white tie-up top and drawstring pant on the beach in Australia. Shot by our photographer at golden hour for our 100% linen sets and separates small brand that is made in Vancouver, BC.

Favourite cocktail?

Oo this is a hard one! Lately I’ve been on the margi train, I tried a coconut margarita and honestly it has my heart! 

Favourite Slate piece?

The Talia Tank!


Thanks for letting us get to know you Amber! You can follow Amber on her Instagram page, @amberauffray.
All images shot by @bronsonwhytcross.

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