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Why We Love Linen

Why We Love Linen

As linen lovers here at Slate, we wanted to share a few key points as to what makes us so obsessed with this fabric and why you too should hop on the linen bandwagon.

Let’s start from the beginning… Linen is made from the stalks of a flax plant, which are able to grow resiliently in poor soil conditions using significantly less water than cotton. Almost every single part of the flax plant can be used for a variety of products, creating only minimal waste of the plant.

Flax Plant

Natural, biodegradable and durable, linen is up to 3x stronger than cotton, making it a more sustainable fabric option and an easy choice when building a conscious wardrobe. If properly cared for, your linen pieces will be passed down generation to generation - how fun for your future grandchildren! The more you wear, wash and love your linen (& Slate pieces), the softer and more pliable they become.. you really can’t go wrong.

Linen is suitable for all seasons. Yes, you heard me - ALL seasons! It's breathable and highly absorbent. It will cool you down in the sunshine and keep you warm in the cold. The flax plant is also used to make house insulation products, proving its capability to act as natural insulators by retaining heat from your body to keep you cozy.

Avalon White Linen

All in all, this luxurious natural fabric makes us look good and makes us feel good without the nasties. In a world full of harmful and wasteful textiles, we want you to be confident at Slate that you’re making an informed, damn good decision.

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